Major challenges for the Fediverse

Various forum topics highlights big challenges for the Fediverse to overcome. Below there is a list of those, and all of them are within scope of Social Coding #foundations to contribute to solutions.

Challenge Description
Lack of a shared (technology) vision People just use the Fediverse in its current state without asking what it could be in the future. The potential and opportunities are insufficiently explored.
Stuck Fediverse Adoption Lifecycle A combination of factors make onboarding and “crossing the chasm” very hard, and combined with growing complexity in the ecosystem this stifles innovation.
Hardly any Substrate Formation for the Fediverse The technological landscape is fragmented and opaque, community is dispersed and not very collaborative, while the processes for evolving the ecosystem are immature or undefined.
No proper representation of the Fediverse With nobody able to represent the Fediverse, it is not possible to anticipate to developments elsewhere, reach out and collaborate with other communities, and follow collective strategies for Fediverse evolution.
Complacency and intertia Lack of awareness of the threats we face, and general inability to organize proper ways to mitigate them.

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