Visionary Ideation: Brainstorm and weave ideas to match a vision

Visionary Ideation

Summary: Often ideas do not stand on themself, but are related to a larger whole. Visionary Ideation ties these ideas together, and helps people to collectively establish a “completeness of vision” over time.


This requirement idea was triggered by @Ryuno-Ki in the forge federation chatroom when mentioning a confusion had about how forge federation works.

In the chat @dachary mentions his approach and how it may differ from the approach that the ForgeFed team is taking. And saying that “both have merits and some people will be drawn to one or the other for various reasons”.


And that is true. There is a wide range of options for federating forges. But it when it comes to “completeness of vision” there is an even much broader horizon. Code forges are online apps that help do software development better. Forge federation does so too. But why stop at the forge? Within this artificial application boundary.

What if federation was considered in the entire field of software development?

That is a big vision to explore. I have been advocating for ForgeFed to reposition towards the FSDL, but what if a project (ForgeFed or other) have no interest or capability to address the vision? Continuously ideas may pop up in the community, but discarded as out of scope.

Here Visionary Ideation feature provides the ability to track them. To leave breadcrumbs for others to pick up.

Vision versus Theme

Grouping ideas to a Vision is different than grouping them under a Theme. Themed ideas may be entirely unrelated, while Visionary ideas should be able to be fit together like the pieces of a puzzle until “completeness of vision” is reached (an imaginary state as something is never ‘complete’, but it can be when strategic objectives within some community or project are met).