Transparent Project Governance

I consider Project Goverance to be the overarching concept that is the top-level entry point to drill down into all the aspects of the FSDL at the level of a FOSS project

(Note that there is some ambiguity of what the meaning of “Project” is… but here it means the “full monty”, the entire initiative, e.g. Forgejo or Blender).

In order for a community to thrive, navigating the organization and project structure, getting informed about procedures and processes, and learning cultural norms should be as easy and intuitive as possible. It should be transparent.

In the thread below I want to collect insights related to this aspect of transparent governance.

There are interesting ways where software tools can support this transparency. For instance the Github code forge has a “Community Guidelines” view in their “Insights” tab at repository level. It is auto-generated based on what is present in the repository hierarchy, and indicates what extra’s can be added to improve the governance structure:

In Forgejo code forge currently a Governance process is being bootstrapped (cc @fr33domlover, @dachary) for their own development. Experiences gleaned here and in other Forgejo-hosted projects can be input to interesting product development, especially when thinking about how federation may play a role in this. Opportunity to surpass what Github offers :blush:

Recording (minutes) of last night’s governance meeting is here:



Written notes, minutes, from the meeting (including the two recordings) here:

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Thank you for this input related to setting up Governance process. And welcome to Social Coding, @tallship :smiley: