Study of Google Critique: Taking the pain out of Code Reviews

This article focuses on Google’s code review tool Critique, used by Googlers internally. The article was also discussed on HN. Posting here, since this tool is deeply loved by people using it.

The article also highlights Code Review best-practices used by Google and informing the tool design. Referenced are:

Note: Google uses a modified Perforce VCS internally and follows terminology of “Changelists” instead of Pull Requests / Merge Requests.

Here are some Code Review best-practice bullet points:

  • Continuous improvement over perfection
  • Maintain or improve the health of the codebase
  • Follow the Style Guide
  • Always Share Knowledge
  • Write Small Changes
  • Strict Standards for Lightweightness
  • Politeness and Professionalism

The article explains in detail the workflow that is followed and why Critique is so well-loved. A recommended read.

Note: CodeApprove, created by an ex-googler, is inspired by Critique, and works enhances Github PR’s.