Software Project Management & Planning

This thread is for the collection of best-practices that relate to project management in FOSS projects.

The Big Board

When working under employers doing agile, I noticed that like most efficient and best loved way to plan and manage ongoing work was to have physical sticky notes stuck to a board layout on the wall.

In remote contexts, working with online tools this is not possible. To my surprise until now tools offer only limited ways to work with different board setups or other ways to organize planning to preferred method. Consider:

  • Issue lists allow intricate label system, but then only search filtering on them. Changing labels requires opening issues one by one.
  • Kanban boards mostly only allow a single vertical column layout. It is often crammed into the monitor space, not on an infinite canvas. And it may not be possible to remove cards from a lane (e.g. when issues are Done).

The following presents a board layout called “The Big Board” which brings together a number of different perspectives of the project in one single view:

The Big Board physical sticky notes example

The Near Backlog sub-divisions

The In Play part of the board

The Past parts of the board

By serendipity I came across the following this week:

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