Revamping Social Coding website

In the Community Vision topic asking for feedback, I sketched my ideas for the Social Coding Movement, to be positioned as a “Knowledge Garden”.

There’s a challenge to get the crowdsourcing of the pattern library going and this involves clearly pitching the value and benefits for participants to become Social Coding Practitioners. I have had various conversations with @dachary on this, relating to Forgejo project.

Since the Social Coding Website has been created, a lot of insights have changed. The website should be revamped to reflect these, and in this topic new landing page content will be drafted.

The wiki post below can be edited by any member.


To discuss this topic comment in: What do you expect or hope to see in Social Coding Movement?

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Social Coding (Website draft)

Free Software has eaten the world. Social Coding helps make it ours again.

Millions of people around the world have created numerous open alternatives to proprietary software and services. Free and Open Source Software projects are highly successful at doing technical work. Yet the FOSS movement is very weak when it comes to long-term sustainability of projects, and fostering of healthy open ecosystems.

The Social Coding Movement is dedicated to the evolution of software for the Commons, creating conditions where humane technology projects thrive, sustainable income is earned, and products serve actual needs of the people. Social Coding is participatory free software development that is inclusive to everyone and focused on addressing real human needs. Our objective is widespread adoption of Free Software products into the fabric of society, and provide socio-technical foundations to bring much needed social change to our world.

Become a Social Coding Practitioner

Too many FOSS projects fail prematurely, as maintainers burn out and their communities fail.