RadiFedi: Storybook of radically innovative federated UX

An idea triggered by fediverse-ideas/#16: Horizontal timelines and taking inspiration from MercuryOS:

Explore innovative UX designs

What if we launched a Storybook website and encouraged developers and designers to create radical new UX/UI designs and related components to surface federated services and solutions.

We might offer a set of tools and guidelines for the development, maybe a standards-based techstack.

Would be a way to get more Designers involved in thinking about Fediverse Futures.
The site might be hosted at fedi.foundation or a subdomain thereof.

See also: From silo-first to task-oriented federated app design - Fediverse Futures - SocialHub

I just commented to Semantic Fedi chatroom, and also wrote 3 toots on the matter…

I bumped into the article via this HN discussion, making a fairly elaborate exploration of the concept. When it comes to envisioning a wholly LD-based Fediverse I imagine that this technical aspect would allow creation of innovative social experiences that go well beyond UX we are used to. A newcomer exclaiming in delight “Wow, what the heck is this?” and some reply-guy answering “This, my friend, is the power of Linked Data that we talked about for all these years”.

That step, projecting the vision, is what I find is mostly always missing in LD ecosystem. “If only we do all these complex things, magic will happen”. There’s not much to inspire devs to take the leap. In an LD-based Fediverse not only content would be aggregated into interesting views, based on the semantics and context, but also the dynamic functionalities that act on said context. The current trend in LD is that folks in AI world see the merits, to improve their systems. Which, given how AI is thrown into society and damn the externalities, isn’t something I feel positive about.

Would there be merit in depicting innovative UX/UI social networking concepts, that require Linked Data to model them?

Given that LD is discable, yes there is solid merit in depicting UX/UI changes.