Patterns for Effective Meetings - With more efficient organization and recordation

Many initiatives, projects, companies, and steering groups strive, ineffectually, to convey the essence of their achievements, motivations, methodologies, and not the least of which, the documentation of their procedures and organizational functions.

We can do better, we can always do better. When a select few are working towards a task, goal, or outcome, on behalf of a larger body of stakeholders, doing better often lies in recording how those things are taking place - or rather, took place.

A record of how you got from an origin to a conclusion is often lost on all but the small number of participants delegated to the process by a larger body.

It happened, but how? What were the items along that path and how can others comprehend the steps and discussions taken, in chronological order, that facilitated arrival at a certain place, policy, or accomplishment?

Here are some concrete frameworks and tools upon which we can lean and learn upon that help with the larger macrocosm in understanding it all, and the historical record sufficiently gleaned, so it can be studied and referenced with clarity in the future.

I hope that helps, enjoy!




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