Organizing LOCI: Fediverse open chapters (wiki post)

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In the wiki post below we collect ideas and action points for organizing the Local Open Chapters Initative. Click ‘edit’ to add your own input.

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Planning LOCI

LOCI as a new program under umbrella?

  • Approach NLnet and ask for advice (Joost Agterhoek, no longer works there)

LOCI and how it relates to EU/EC initiatives

  • Are there any EC commission anniversaries to tie in with? How can we engage locally and also hook in cool EU history?

  • The EC is asking feedback on Brain drain – mitigating challenges associated with population decline and up to 21 June 2022 feedback submissions are welcome. LOCI can be a means to connect local residents to fedizens world-wide to discuss and tackle local issues.

LOCI and potential partner organizations

  • The Europe Challenge by European Cultural Foundation designates Libraries across Europe as local safe spaces to work on social change. Librarians + community members can submit challenges and enroll in a program to elaborate, fund and launch them.

  • Open Future Foundation has a great alignment with the goals of LOCI. Their March 2022 report on Generative Interoperability advocates for the creation of Digital Civic Spaces on how vital it is we go beyond fostering innovation, into supporting commons.

Topics that LOCI can focus on

  • Encouraging municipal councils, and local SMB’s to transition to using federated apps, instead of Facebook, Big Tech et al. Organize local-focused fedi communities (local-only posting, invite-only account creation, etc.)