Manifesto for a Smaller, Denser Internet: The Three-legged Stool

A Manifesto for a Smaller, Denser Internet…

"We believe that a truly sustainable and resilient digital public sphere is possible and is actively being created. We envision a public sphere supported by these three legs:

  1. Consists of many different platforms with a wide variety of scales and purposes;

  2. Users can navigate with a loyal client that aggregates, cross-posts, and curates;

  3. Is all supported by cross-cutting services rooted in interoperable data.

Should be noted how well this fits with e.g.

  • The Fediverse and in particular ActivityPub C2S.
  • The App-Free Computing paradigm by Chris Gebhardt.
  • Small Technology by Aral Balkan & Laura Kalbag.
  • The notion of “Personal Social Networking” and Peopleverse.

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