Looking for Social Coder as Delightful project co-maintainer

I am looking for someone to volunteer as co-maintainer with me, on the top-level delightful project repo on Codeberg:

Here is where we think of future improvements to the project, which thanks to @yarmo’s efforts has become known as Delightful Club…


(Someone may contribute OpenGraph support to that :slight_smile: )

This task doesn’t require much work, as when issues are not small, we will place Calls-to-Action in our own Action Tracker.

ok, if the flux is low, you can add me and i will receive email when something is up needing help.

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That is wonderful @Houkime thank you :pray:

The flux is low, as it has been for me on this particular top-level list (though not across the entirety of sub-lists I have to maintain, but that is not part of this ask).

Could you commit or PR yourself to the Maintainer section of the README and CONTRIBUTORS.md?
I will grant you write access to the repo now…

Do you need just one? Also I could add OpenGraph support. :blush:

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Sure, super :heart_eyes: the delightful project is growing slow, but steady, and the more the merrier.

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