List of useful FSDL-related services for FOSS projects

This list topic is for posting about websites that offer various services that are handy for FOSS projects and relate to different aspects of the Free Software Development Lifecycle.

Don’t hesitate, add your entries below, but… with a bit of context, please :slight_smile:

Tools and open datasets to support, sustain, and secure critical digital infrastructure.

Currently offers:

End-of-life (EOL) and support information is often hard to track, or very badly presented. documents EOL dates and support lifecycles for various products. aggregates data from various sources and presents it in an understandable and succinct manner. It also makes the data available using an easily accessible API and has iCalendar support.

Service Website

A server to script and automate the process of Software Composition Analysis (SCA) to identify any open source components and their license compliance data in an application’s codebase. can be used for various use cases, such as Docker container and VM composition analyses, among other applications.

It is based on ScanPipe. ScanPipe is a developer-friendly framework and application that helps software analysts and engineers build and manage real-life software composition analysis projects as scripted pipelines. received NLnet funding.

Joinup is the European Commission’s one-stop shop for interoperable, open and free digital government ICT solutions, and an online space for e-Government professionals and enthusiasts to share and learn about digital public services and initiatives.

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