List of Delightful Manifesto's

There’s many manifesto websites dealing with various aspects of better technology alignment to people and society. This list topic is meant to keep track of them…

Humane Web Manifesto

Created by Michelle Barker.

We need a web by and for humans.

The good news is, rebirth is possible. A humane web can rise from the ashes. Life can flourish in the dirt. By tending our safe havens in our own corners of the web, and by sharing with our friends and neighbours, away from the gaze of monolithic corporations, a new web can thrive. We can rewild the internet4.

If what we don’t want from the web is increasingly clear, perhaps it’s time to identify what kind of web we do want. How do we define a humane web?

This manifesto is intended as a personal response to the current state of the web. It is a statement of intent and a call to arms, inviting you, the reader, to go forth and build humane websites, and to resist the erosion of the web we know and love. It reflects my thoughts and feelings at the time of writing, but it is not “complete”. The definition of a humane web should grow and evolve over time.