Lesson Plan (No Roadmap) - Paving the path to patience and wisdom

Well, do you feel as if you might have been trolled?

Was it the title? Was it the subtitle?

Or was it the sub sub title that made you look?

Feeling like you got trolled yet? No? Good, because I just wanted to make sure that I had enough of your attention so we could dispatch with all of the tl;dr folks and send them on their merry way - they have neither the dedication nor the constitution to digest and assimilate the breadth of patience and wisdom required to truly embody the self-validation and masochistic determination to follow through with such an endeavor of selflessness in truly delivering the gift of FOSS; to feed it, nurture it, and eventually, know when to set it out to pasture after (hopefully) inspiring others to strive to such noble platitudes.

Read on in the following link to glimpse the reality of all those hard earned triumphs and the frustrations of self-doubt and abuse that are closely coupled and intertwined with such success, from the creator of Pinafore - perhaps the gold standard of alternative browser based webapps for the Pleroma, Soapbox, and Akkoma family of Fediverse servers.

He’s decided it’s time to finally put the old horse out to pasture, but here’s some of the things he’s learned along the way in his journey toward open source altruism:

Let me know what you came away with after reading the article, okay?

Perhaps you could explain it to me like it was a fortune cookie that you opened after a nice meal?

I hope that helps!



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