Inclusion and Diversity badge

(This topic is continued from the Fediverse Town forum)

I don’t know if this is a good idea (after all Inclusion & Diversity should be the norm), but want to discuss with you about it.

So any community and fedi instance where people interact needs a Code of Conduct, right? This is usually a rather long document that specifies very clearly the rules one must obey to when participating. Among those are ones about Inclusion and Diversity. This formal document is needed to point to if someone misbehavess, and to take action as needed.

But still narrow-minded and abrasive folks end up in these communities, not having read the CoC or just not caring about it. As an extra discouragement to their bad behavior, and hopefully get fewer of them to join in the first place, we might design a badge that expresses Inclusion & Diversity as the CoC intends it to be and which any community can show prominently in their channels. The badge can link to the CoC.

Note wrt badges I am thinking of them being just an image to attach to the UI that indicates one stance on Inclusion & Diversity. Not a gamified badge system, such as Stackoverflow or Discourse have (which would be another idea). Quite smallish as well. Maybe similar to what I’ve created for the Humane Tech curated list or the Delightful project:

Awesome Humane Tech delightful

Or (usually a bit bigger) as Codeberg offers for display on a codeberg-hosted site:

Get it on Codeberg