Improvements to the file on fediverse/fedi-foundation repository

This started in fediverse/fedi-foundation#33 and I now move it to this forum for more input and discussion (I don’t use Matrix to actually have a live-chat or similar about this).

Effectively, the current file on the fedi-foundation repository has zero content to display, which is rather bad as the itself links to it.

It was now proposed by circlebuilder to have the file contain links to the How you can publish on Fedi Foundation page with accomedating web-archive link as a backup should it be inaccessible.

While this is already a decent aproach, do I feel like the contributing file shouldn’t pull away too much from the repository. After all are contributions made towards the Fedi Foundation site effectively done through the repository, right?
I think the page can be linked to as the main, official source, but have a stripped down, simple explanation on how to contribute in the contribution file itself.
Alternatively, have links to the different discussion places (Matrix, Discourse, etc) provided, so that people know where they could ask for assistance in contributing.

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Welcome to Social Coding forum, @Andre601 :wave:

I agree with you, and the proposed contents of make sense :+1: