Idea: Publish a "What can I do for Fedi?" onboarding experience

Similar to a website could be created, that parses certain Delightful lists to redirect potential contributors to projects that need help - based on their skills and interests.

@aschrijver convinced me to create a topic for this.

(Moderation: updated the topic title from “What can I do for Fedi?” to be more descriptive)

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Thank you very much :heart_eyes:
Great that you registered the domain Do you intend to use it for this idea?

Hey there,

sorry for being late with replying. There’s a lot going on for me right now.

Yes, indeed. I intend to use for that.

I already wrote a minimal example and asked for feedback: Ryuno-Ki: "As I'm working on I was won…" - Layer8 in Space

I want to improve the UI further, but have other priorities at the moment.