Idea: 100 days of Code Improvement

A little unoriginal idea for a Social Coding Event: 100days of social code improvement.

Two steps:

  1. Pick a small to medium size project in need of upgrading their code quality.
  2. read one of that project’s files/modules per day and see if you can make an improvement. Try to make a PR/MR/patch within the day.
  3. repeat step two for 100 days or until the project runs out of files to read
  4. (share your participation on the Fedi?)

Organizations TODO

  • create a list of potential projects (projects should have an active maintainer, willing to merge these kinds of patches)
  • create a hashtag
  • create an entry on the website with all suggested projects

Important: These projects are suggested, not required.

Potential projects (nothing final)


I really like this idea, and has potential as a recurring event, that will help a lot of FOSS projects and attract attention to Social Coding as a concept.

I must make an important nuance here. Social Coding is an umbrella movement. If there’s an independent Project with committed people around it that wants to be a sub-project under this umbrella, then they can organize go right ahead and Social Coding will offer its facilities and other participants collectively promote the event. As a crowdsourced initiaitve Social Coding itself doesn’t do that. There’s no dedicated staff to organize and handle that.

Additional ideas in reaction to @CSDUMMI matrix announcement:

  • Event can be held primarily on the Fediverse.
  • Maintainers announce issues to work on via a Guppe group people can follow.
  • If someone sends in a patch that is accepted, another announcement with a Thank You is sent.
  • Event might have a preference to list non-Github hosted projects mostly. GH has their own events (maybe a 90/10 ratio).

@CSDUMMI on matrix: I’d like to start this by gathering projects with maintainers willing to accept these patches.

I think that you should turn this around. You should let maintainers approach you based on promo of the event (you can still collect yourself, of course)

In order to do that properly I think we should launch an entry on the website.

Then reference it in a post or several on the Fediverse.

Perhaps we could even set up a contact page or E-Mail where maintainers can write us if they are willing to be listed? (Maybe an email ending in