Frugal Computing: Energy-sufficient development

This topic is not completely formed in my mind. Nevertheless I feel it is important to discuss it.

Since a while I’m reading Oxymoron newsletter:

It’s something I think I started once I learned about the Bits & Bäume Conference (in German: bits-und-baeume dot org )

Basically, taking into account the energy consumption of the code we write. I’m not sure how to do this right now. Perhaps with something like this npm module?

In fact, we already see that older devices struggle with „modern” web apps, because of Andy and Bill’s Law. Perhaps we can do better?

On Social Coding matrix channel, indieterminacy introduced me to today.
Basically, a network of solar powered servers where the server with the most sunshine is responding to a request.

Might be an approach for services, that don’t have a high expectation on availability?

We had an April’s Fools joke about some Mastodon instances in this direction this year :slight_smile: