Discuss our Community Participation Guidelines

This is the companion discussion topic to our Social Coding Community Participation Guidelines wiki post.

When these guidelines have been created in any location where they are used (e.g. in a CODE-OF-CONDUCT.md in a code repository) it is sufficient to refer to them in a similar way Mozilla does:

Community Participation Guidelines

This repository is governed by Mozilla’s code of conduct and etiquette guidelines.
For more details, please read the
Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines.

How to Report

For more information on how to report violations of the Community Participation Guidelines, please read our ‘How to Report’ page.

I have updated the wiki post so that the guidelines relate to Social Coding Movement. I am very happy with the contents of the document. The Mozilla CoC lends itself very well for a Movement like ours, in their breadth and scope and the thoughtful formulations it uses.

I have added the guidelines to a community repository on Codeberg, from where it can be referenced from other locations, in similar way as shown above.