Delightful Request: Maintainer of Fediverse Resources curated list

I co-maintain three delightful lists relating to the Fediverse, one for apps, one for clients, and one for developer resources. But a fourth list is really needed:

:gem: Delightful Fediverse Resources

There are so many good instructional tutorials, video’s and blog posts, wiki’s and sites tracking instance lists. They are all out there, and not easy to find. As a result fedizens keep posting them to each other, which is hugely energy inefficient.

We need one list to track them all. And where anyone can suggest additional resources to add. Who wants to become maintainer of that list?

Be part of delightful project and join the Delightful Club


Then don’t hesitate. Respond to this topic, or create an issue on Codeberg, or ping on the Fediverse. You can also co-maintain a list with others.

In light of the Fediverse influx, I will not look to find people for this, until it is clearer where fedi is heading towards. Posted my reasoning to SocialHub: