Create badges for Social Coding and our partnerships

We should create badges that people can use to show they use Social Coding. And e.g. add badges to our website’s “Join the movement” page. Two kinds of badges would be best:

  • Tiny badge that can be included at the top of a

  • Larger badge to be shown on a website (similar to Get It On Codeberg)

Our own large badge slogan may be: “We embrace Social Coding”. The image may have a title with some more info, and links to our website.

Also we may create badges to indicate our partnerships (though these design best become part of the initiative they belong to). Examples:

Codeberg’s large badge design:

Get it on Codeberg

Other README badge designs used elsewhere by me:

  • Delightful project: delightful

  • Awesome humane tech: Awesome Humane Tech

For the large badge I imagine that it has 2 lines of text. First line in a handwritten italic font-face saying “We embrace” and on the second line the logo’s icon followed by “SocialCoding” in logo colors.

The small badge is a bit more difficult, because the logo icon doesn’t isn’t readily recognizable at that small pixel size. So maybe it should be some other symbol. It could be a :black_heart: and similar to the humanetech badge above, but in logo colors.

Would be great if we found a graphic designer to dedicate to making this.

(This topic was moved from an issue in the Discussions repo, which will be closed)

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