Ayllu code forge: Thoughts on project direction and roadmap

On Matrix Kevin Schoon shared thoughts on Ayllu project direction and roadmap (quoted with consent):

Here are some high level goals of Ayllu over the next year or so… all subject
to me having random ideas that shift the focus. Note once I have Mailpot setup
I’ll move these long form discussions into there.

  • Make the UI/UX really good
  • Support accessibility features and simple browsers like Dillo, etc.
  • Implement a few more themes
  • Finish integration of Mailpot
  • Implement the build system
  • Finish implementations for XMPP (history for logged discussions)
  • Support additional chat services (IRC and maybe Matrix)
  • ayllu-shell (gitosis-like shell for SSH operations)
  • Repository and code search
  • Deploy LFS demo again and maybe clean that up a bit

Higher level less fleshed out goals

  • Expand multiuser support. Currently we have a container called ‘multiuser’
    which has some basic support for multiple users logging in via SSH where they
    can create repositories, etc. I’d like to expand this into a general
    multi-tenant environment where people can work together in a Linux environment.

  • Issue tracker. I’ve tried several approaches and previously had Gitbug
    support (bugs tracked within git) but it didn’t work that well due to Gitbug
    having issues synchronizing over SSH and also there is no Rust interface. It’s
    easy to write a server side bug tracking system but I’m not sure it’s right for

  • I’d like to support some alternative way of submitting patches to Ayllu
    in addition to e-mail. One option might be to implemenet an XMPP extention to
    accept patches there.

  • Globally available index of Ayllu instances. Ayllu already has webfinger
    support and I would like to create an opt-in index where users can submit their
    own instance to be crawled and be searchable on an index.ayllu-forge.org
    instance of some kind.

Some philosophical views:

  • Ayllu isn’t designed to be excessively distributed (p2p) or used for
    censorship avoidance like Radicle. Those things have value but just don’t
    interest me. It’s designed to fit more into git’s traditional distributed
    “bazaar” model.

  • No social media (boosts, stars, etc). Not saying these things are wrong per-say
    but just that they don’t fit into Ayllu.

  • I don’t really know how I feel about Activity Pub anymore, I originally
    thought Ayllu would have full on Activity Pub support with federated instances,
    etc, but it doesn’t feel very well defined or suited for code forges.

  • Ayllu is designed for individuals and small communities (say 1-100 users)
    where they can easily fit onto a single computer it can however serve traffic,
    clones, etc. to millions of users with adequate devops.

  • There should be some mechanism to “sign-up” and share your public SSH key,
    PGP, etc. but I don’t necessarily think it should be a traditional

Thanks for sharing this @aschrijver!

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