Weekly Guild Report for Sprint #2

This will be where the editors (@dannymate, @CSDUMMI and @tomat0) publish weekly reports for the second sprint of Guild Alpha.

2023-09-13: Announcement

Today the sprint officially starts. The announcement has been published on our brand new website and we, the editors, are looking forward to new members, new proposals and a new project.

Changes from last sprint:

More editors

Thanks to our new addition, @dannymate, there are now three editors. The editors can thus take on more organizational tasks this sprint than last.

Promise System

Every week we will now ask members to tell the editors, what tasks they want to try to complete in the week and check in with them at the end of the week to see how they have been progressing.

Weekly reports on Wednesday

The weekly reports will be published on Wednesday for this sprint. A week for guild purposes is now from Wednesday to Tuesday. This is so we don’t have a deadline every Monday and we can all enjoy our weekends a little more.

Always open

As there are now three editors, we want to devote more time to recruiting and coordinating members. This means that we will be always looking to integrate new members into an ongoing sprint.


As part of our strategy for recruiting new members, we have also started a Kbin Magazine to post about the current state of the Guild. We’ll post about ongoing challenges, updates and recruit new members there.

What’s next?

The proposal phase is going to continue until Wednesday 20th, when we’ll publish the next weekly report containing a description of all proposals made up to that point. All members who have signed up through our form up to that point will receive a link to vote on the proposals. The decision will be announced in an irregular weekly report and a blog post on the 22nd.

2023-09-20: Kbin, ForgeJo and LibRate Proposals and Vote

What have we accomplished?


This week was the proposal phase of the sprint.

Three proposals were made before Wednesday, 2023-09-20,
by the editors, one each by @dannymate, @tomat0 and @CSDUMMI:

Anyone was open to make a proposal through our form.

The vote between these proposals is currently taking place and will end Friday 00:00 UTC.


This week, @axiomizer and @kiend joined the Guild. This means that we currently have 5 active members.
We are always looking for new members to join us. So, if you want to join, please contact us or fill out the form.

What’s next?

There’ll be an irregular report on Friday to declare the proposal that was accepted by the Guild.
At that point, development starts with a check-up day on Saturday. All members should try to be available
at least part of that day, both to get-to-know each other and to start organizing the sprint into tasks.

The initial tasks will most likely be discovery tasks with the goal of investigating the project & creating
more concrete tasks with a difficulty rating and time estimation required.

The editors will then start with check-ins and the promise system.

2023-09-23: It’s LibRate ActivityPub Support

The result of the second ballot is in.

A strong majority has selected LibRate ActivityPub Support as the project to work on during this sprint. The results of the ballot can be reviewed here

2023-09-27: Init(Sprint_2)

What have we accomplished?

  • Kick off task management with Taiga.io as our Kanban
  • Invited members to the Guild Alpha Codeberg organisation
  • Work on setting up a developer environment
  • Defining initial tasks around ActivityPub, Webfinger and discovery of the LibRate project.
  • We are going to using Fediverse Pasture for testing our ActivityPub implementation. Thanks to @helge for their advice.

What’s next?

  • Lay out steps towards reaching the first proposal Milestone (Well technically we’re doing Milestone 2 first now.) and break down tasks into workable chunks.
  • Assign Subject Matter Experts for: Svelte, Go, WebFinger, DevOps and ActivityPub in LibRate.
  • Research Go Crypto Libraries to prepare for HTTP Signatures library [Go]
  • Research Webfinger & how to implement it in LibRate [WebFinger]
  • Research AP Actors and how to serialize them [ActivityPub]
  • Research AP inboxes and how to process them (research background tasks in LibRate) [ActivityPub]
  • Begin front-end research of Milestone 1 [Svelte]
  • Indentify improvements to spinning up local development environments [DevOps]

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

The goal of this initiative is to always have someone able to take the lead on indentified important topics. Members pick up a topic, learn about it and can lead discussions around it. Of course, Members will be able to work on tasks outside of their subject matter.

ActivityPub - Open, decentralized social networking protocol. You know the one that serves as the basis for the Fediverse.
WebFinger - Often paired alongside ActivityPub. Allows for discovery of information about people and things identified by a URI.
Go - The back-end language for LibRate.
Svelte - The front-end language for LibRate. Also SvelteKit may need to be researched.
DevOps - Focus on bringing a good DX experience to members working on LibRate in this sprint.

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2023-09-04: Organise, Research & Document

What have we accomplished?


  • The editors have decided on a division of labour. @dannymate will now be focusing on the admin side of things and enacting changes decided on in the intersprint. This includes the weekly reports, check-ins etc. @CSDUMMI & @Tomat0 will be doing stuff that isn’t that, mostly code.
  • We tried out the “check-in” system for the first time. It seems to have gone pretty well, all in all.
  • This weekly report was compiled after talking to our members instead of scrolling through the Workroom and parsing coversations. The “What have we accomplished?” section returned a lot of information. The “What’s Next?” section not so much. I will not be adding anything not mentioned by our members, even if I end up with nothing. I’ll continue tweaking.


What’s Next?

  • Creation of ActivityPub-Actors feature branch. [ActivityPub] @CSDUMMI
  • Creation of WebFinger feature branch. [WebFinger]
  • The Go documentation needs further improvement after discussion. [Go] @Tomat0 @mjh
  • Ask about the Weekly Report on Tuesday to give everyone more time to respond. Ask what’s been accomplished and what’s next in one message. @dannymate
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2023-09-11: Life, uh, gets in the way

What have we accomplished?


  • Weekly Report gathering was asked on Tuesday in a single comment. We should make sure to ask for a reaction on the comment. While we do get responses for the “What’s been accomplished?” section we aren’t generating much in the way of discussion for “What’s Next?”


  • @mjh expanded on the Go Documentation from last week.
  • @CSDUMMI merged PR #2 which aims to improve the docker set up. @dannymate is however still experiencing problems with the database not initialising correctly.
  • @CSDUMMI has begun work on serving ActivityPub actors.

What’s Next?

  • Explore wrapping the bare metal install of LibRate into a script to provide an alternative to Docker issues. [DevOps] @mjh
  • Write documentation on setting up LibRate without Docker. [DevOps] @mjh
  • Serve those ActivityPub actors. [ActivityPub] @CSDUMMI
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2023-09-18: Sprint Midpoint

What have we accomplished?


  • @CSDUMMI Added fetching of ActivityPub Actors PR #5.
  • @mjh has created a PR #4 with fixes for database creation and the media carousel.
  • @mjh has made upstream improvements to LibRate security.

What’s Next?

  • PR #4 & #5 needs review and merging as soon as possible.
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2023-09-25 + 2023-10-01: Sadly, not too much going on

What have we accomplished?


  • I missed the last weeks weekly report. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to see what a weekly report would look like doubled up.


  • PR #4 received a review by Ryuno-ki
  • @Ryuno-Ki submitted PR #6 for axios after discussion with @mjh. This has been merged.

What’s Next?

  • Coordination on how / in which order PRs are integrated to avoid double work.
  • Contributions have slowed to a crawl. A discussion is likely to be held when we can get everyone together.
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