Shifting left / Development is more than code

Time and again we run into non-coders complaining about the seemingly elevated position of developers.

As a Frontend engineer in my career I was at the junction of several other disciplines. Each of them recommended to be shifted left. So I blogged about the disciplines I could think of:

Turns out, these are groups of people we should keep in mind when looking at the social aspect of coding (quoting from my article, I have a paragraph on each explaining what I meant by the item):

  • product ownership
  • concept
  • ux
  • design
  • content
  • accessibility
  • legal
  • marketing
  • seo
  • privacy
  • architect
  • internationalisation
  • operations
  • performance
  • security
  • documentation
  • quality assurance

Did I miss something?

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  • Ethics
  • Bias
  • Interoperability

Thanks @Ryuno-Ki and @Vitae. Exploring all these areas is key part of Social Coding. The idea is to struccture that into a crowdsourced ‘pattern library’ that documents the FSDL (note that this Wiki Post can be edited by any member, and already contains some of the areas mentioned above).

Setting up the crowdsourcing process, designing content hierarchy, strategy and templates for the pattern library, and subsequently ensuring that people are incentivized to contribute and improve are near-term concerns of the Social Coding Movement. Yesterday, I provided my thoughts on how Social Coding practitioners crowdsource the Knowledge Garden of the FSDL.