Floorplanner: Thoughts on Living Documentation

This list topic is for thoughts and brainstorming on a number of aspects that relate to offering a good (collaborative) editing experience for maintaining Live Documentation/Specifications, while persisting in appropriate formats for back-end processing and allowing customization of UX by the solution creator.

Topics of interest…

  • Support documentation templates
  • Markdown-everywhere vs back-end API’s
  • Dynamic widgets (MDX?)
  • Hypercard customization (see: Kinopio’s design principles)
  • Storyboard design system
  • Relationship to App Free Computing
  • Malleable systems

TeamVeda: Github for Architecture

I made a large excerpt of TeamVeda’s solution for living documentation of software architecture, that is based on a knowledge graph. Cross-referencing here.

This company website provides valuable input for Solidground own solution development.

Reference guides on techdocs

Not really related to Living documentation, but popular guides for structuring techdocs:

  • Diataxis: A systematic approach to technical documentation authoring.
  • Duvio: The Grand Unified Theory of Documentation.

Both from same author, and have lotta overlap, but also some differences, making both relevant.

Markwhen: offline-first, plain text calendar and planning

Start with when. Markwhen is a file format (and editor) that brings when into the limelight. Usually time is just metadata on something else. It’s time we bring time to the forefront.

Offers markdown-integratable format, supports collaborative editing, allows construction of intricate timelines and calendars in plain text.

Sources are Typescript, Vue and MIT-licensed.

Markmap: Markdown + Mindmap

Visualise markdown as mindmaps using just headings and lists, MIT-licensed Typescript, uses Remarkable parser.