Envisioning federated Free Software Development

Inspired by and in reaction to @ta180m:exozy.me on the gitea-federation Matrix channel.

Excerpt from Matrix chat (click to expand)

@ta180m: I had an interesting discussion with someone about discoverabilitiy with Gitea federation: https://pleroma.doserver.duckdns.org/notice/AMp1NozFhEgx6hSOqu

@circlebuilder: To me this indicates more touchpoints of forge federation to other parts of the Free Software Development Lifecycle (FSDL). Where each software project has a Community around it, albeit often implicitly and people who don’t see themselves as members, but ‘watchers from afar’. An intricate network of communities, with overlaps, interconnections. A social network.
Github has social network capabilities, but they are tech-focused not people-oriented that much. The Explore feature is an example, and Watching repo’s (presents project activity in Notification ‘timeline’), Starring, Following. But I think the GH social network is rather poor and the fedi brings opportunity to do one better.

On Fediverse the concept of “Community” could be native, a vocab extension and building block to build on top of. Itself based on Group. A Software Project could be a special type of Community, where all related activities can be drilled down into. Right now people write Gitea blogs, do Live Coding sessions and record them. If you are lucky you find them, depending where and when they are published. Most people won’t notice, and Gitea site editors or awesome curated list maintainers likely won’t notice or update their resource lists.
This changes when these activities were done in the context of the federated Software Project. There could be any kind of vocab extensions created over time to support them with better UI’s. And they can be picked up by other federated software (e.g. Mastodon) and displayed according to what that app supports.

Social network for free software development

Brainstorm: Github has some social networking capabilities that help with discovery of projects to use or contribute to. But social features aren’t first-class citizen of the platform and emphasis is on technical developer tools. How would a federated software development environment look like that leverages an open ecosystem and focuses on Social Coding best-practices? A massively collaborative environment that focussed on healthy community-driven FOSS creation that covers the entire project lifecycle?

The wiki post below is for brainstorming use cases and features that such a social network might have.

Note: This a brainstorm and any crazy thoughts and ideas are on. Reserve the ‘critical eye’ for later.

Federated Free Software Development

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