Behaviour Driven Design: Gherkin-based feature testing

Wikipedia: Behavior-driven development

In software engineering, behavior-driven development (BDD) is an agile software development process that encourages collaboration among developers, quality assurance experts, and customer representatives in a software project.[1][2][3] It encourages teams to use conversation and concrete examples to formalize a shared understanding of how the application should behave.

In Floorplanner support is planned for BDD feature-based development, where Gherkin test scripts are input to software development. The Gherkin is written in Ubiquitous Language defined by Domain Driven Design and reflects the business logic of the Bounded Contexts of the domain.

(Note: Several times I also suggested using Gherkin in context of ActivityPub-based development)

But what are interesting projects to learn from that apply BDD? As it happens I thought to ask ChatGPT for that… and it yielded some good results: